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Be-You-Tiful Love Neon Sign - Wedding, Anniversary, Valentines Gift, Inspirational Glow, Self-Love Reminder

Size (W x H)

Introducing our "BE you TIFUL" LED Neon Sign - a luminous reminder to embrace your uniqueness and shine with confidence. Infused with warmth and positivity, this sign is designed to illuminate both your space and spirit.

❤️ **Heartfelt Design**: Interwoven with a radiant heart symbol, this neon sign is more than just decor - it's a daily affirmation to find beauty in authenticity.

🌟 **Empowering Message**: Perfect for spaces where inspiration and self-love are paramount. Let it be the first thing you see in the morning or your comforting glow at night.

💡 **Vivid Illumination**: Crafted with high-quality LED neon tubing, the sign emanates a soothing glow, adding a serene ambiance to any room.

🖌️ **Artistic Flair**: Its playful use of typography and design makes it a captivating addition to any modern, chic, or bohemian decor theme.

🔌 **Easy Set-up**: Our "BE you TIFUL" neon sign comes equipped with everything you need for a hassle-free installation. Illuminate your space in minutes!

🇺🇸 **Crafted in the USA**: Passionately handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring you receive a unique and premium-quality decor piece.

Dimensions: Wide x Tall